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Praise the Lord,


  We are delighted to have you as a part of our family.  We know it is a blessing  from God that you have been put here at this time in your spiritual walk with him.  We pray that you will find many opportunities to  serve in your calling here. 


The Men of Vision (MOV) is a ministry which is dedicated to serving our God, Church, Congregation, and Community.  We are out front leading the way in many different capacities throughout these places.  Hence, our motto  “Lean Forward!”  I hope that you will find as many opportunities to serve as your calling requires. If not, please inquire with me for other  opportunities. 


All Men who are a member of GVCC are members of the MOV.  It is up to you and our Savior as to how much you are involved in the ministry.  I pray that you will be heavily involved in serving others for the glory of God.


We also invite you to join our choir. You don’t have to have a glorious voice to sing with us.  All you need is a Spirit to Praise our Savior.  The Lord will guide us and make our voices unite in musical harmony as long as we give him the glory. 


We look forward to your fellowship with the brothers and other family members.  


May God Bless You!


"Step Up & Step Out"



“Iron sharpened iron; so a man sharpened

the countenance of his friend”

Proverbs 27:1